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See How We Took a Client to Brazil and Left the Competitors In The Dust!


Our agency was approached by a Fintech Trading Company (NDA) to develop a program to bring their product to the Brazilian market after the main market closed. The client wanted to expand their reach into a new market and capitalize on the opportunities in Brazil, while also overcoming the limitations of the closed market.


Our primary objective was to create a program that would bring our client's product to the Brazilian market. We needed to create a strategy that would effectively reach the target audience, increase brand awareness and establish trust among Brazilian consumers.

Strategy and Solution:

Our agency developed a programme specifically tailored to our fintech trading client in order to introduce them into the Brazilian market after their main one had already closed. We identified that for such an ambitious venture, we needed partners who could help us build awareness of our brand among potential customers in Brazil. As part of this strategy, we bought out all relevant thematic influencers across social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. This allowed us to reach massive amounts of people living in Brazil who were interested in investing or trading on stocks and shares - exactly what our target audience was looking for!

The process involved reaching out directly to key influencers within each platform, discussing mutually beneficial collaborations which would enable both parties' goals while also creating engaging content which resonated with viewers on a personal level. Through these conversations, we successfully negotiated deals with some of the most popular YouTubers and other key figures that would allow us access to millions of viewers throughout different parts of Brazil. We also took advantage of existing relationships between these influencers by sharing posts from one account onto another multiple times over a few days - this helped ensure maximum exposure for our client's brand at minimal cost!


The success achieved through partnering up with influential content creators was evident almost immediately; soon enough it felt like everyone within YouTube’s financial community was talking about the benefits associated with using our fintech trading service! We monitored analytics closely during this period too so as not miss any opportunities arising from sudden spikes in interest or declines due to changing trends etc., allowing us quickly make tweaks here-and-there where necessary without missing out on vital chances either way. Ultimately though thanks largely due to collaborating extensively with influential stakeholders online - something not many brands are currently doing effectively yet - we managed achieve major success when bringing over our client’s product into Brazil after its original market had seemingly dried up completely

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